Monday , September 16 , 2002



We HEROES like stuff. So, we're gonna review stuff. We'll review a variety of things, from cartoons to games to toys. Also, we've realised that under certain conditions, anything can become better. So at the end of every review we have a "boost factor" box where if the conditions apply to you, feel free to add that to the score.

Product Under Review Score Boost
Anime -- Love Hina  81.30% +5%
Anime -- Vandread 75.00% +10%
Anime -- Furi Kuri (FLCL) 86.30% +5%
Anime -- Comic Party 76.30% +10%
Cartoon -- Undergrads 80.00% +7%
Toy -- Optimus Prime (RID) 84.00% +10%
Toy -- Megatron (RID) 81.75% +3%



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