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Series Name:  Vandread

Vandread is an anime that actually came recommended by Gadget. He had watched it first and told me to give it a look see. And so I did. Vandred is your typical space comedy opera anime. It doesn't bother to try and hide this fact. At some points is downright flaunts it.

The background to Vandred is a little different than what's expected. Between the two main waring planets, men and women have segregated themselves and haven't had contact with each other for a very long time. This in itself is rather unique in that it provides what ends up being most of the jokes throughout the first part of the story since each gender has many exaggerated and untrue beliefs of the other. Eventually the two genders mix together and provide what ends up being an integral part of the story specifically involoving their mecha. You see, after some big story related element happens their mecha ends up doing some really cool stuff which I don't really want to spoil since it's my goal to NOT spoil the things I review. I'm sure if you pay attention in the intro you'll see it for yourself mind you.

The overal story of Vandred is alright. Nothing deep, it doesn't really hide what it set out to do, which is to provide a decent and compelling story which has great action sequences mixed in with moments of high drama and love interests. There's enough of a mystery to the story which keeps you wanting to watch it which, as well as a need to find out what will happen to the characters. Overall, it's a good series to watch and it comes recommended. Just don't expect anything completely different and you'll enjoy it.


 Art/Video Quality/Presentation
- Alright art and animation. Not bad, not great.
- Very minimal, but there's a couple songs which add a lot to the atmosphere.
- Very unqiue. A little prone to predictability, but since it's something different you probably won't mind.
- Annoying characters that you'll probably end up liking. All unqiue and have flaws, and those flaws are a good thing.
 Total 76.3 %
 Boost Factor
- If you think you'll like the subject matter it gets a HUGE boost. This applies to con goers, cos players, artists, and comic book junkies.
- n/a

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