Monday , September 16 , 2002


The Not as Popular Comic Related Links
As If! - Very well drawn comic about high school in the 80's. 2/week
Yum Pop - Another very well drawn comic about a girl and her imaginary friend. 1/week
Mac Hall - Incredibly funny and incredibly drawn about life in Mac Hall. 2/week
Wildly Popular Online Comic - Pokes fun at the online comic world. ?/week
Space Losers - A well done comic about a guy who leaves earth with some aliens. ?/week
Tsunami Channel - Good art and lots of stuff to see. Variety of stories. 5-7/week

The Popular Comic Related Links
Avalon - How it feels to be in a Canadian highschool. Highly recommended. 5/Week
Megatokyo - Who doesn't know about this strip? Infrequent updates.
Penny Arcade - Another one of the big online strips. 3/week
PVP - The last of online strips whom everyone practically reads. Daily.
Real Life Comics - Mostly a game related humour strip. Consistant updates. 5/week
It's Walky - A comic full of twist and turns, and impossible to catagorize into a genre. 5/week

The Syndicated Comic Related Links
Citzen Dog - Absolutely, the BEST syndicated comic strip I've ever read. Daily

Anime and Comic Related Links
Julie Dillon's Tutorial - great how to draw anime turtorial
Polykarbon - A cool site with a variety of art related things
Blambot - Font site with cool comic book style fonts
Sequential Tart - Fairly interesting Web Zine

Cool Design and Spiffy Related Links
Big Big Truck - Lots of neat looking stuff here. Author of Wildy Popular Online Comic


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