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Series Name:  Furi Kuri (FLCL)

Though only a mere 6 episodes, FLCL has instantly become one of the most memorable series I've had the pleasure to watch. FLCL is, without a doubt, one of the weirdest anime series I have EVER seen. It has a incredibly unique story, a very distinct style, and some very original characters. Normally, all those elements combine together for some incredibly great viewing content. However, I can see FLCL being an anime that some people won't understand and others thinking it's way too bizarre and not worth watching. Why do you ask? Well, FLCL's story is quite abstract and sometimes defies all reason. And I certainly don't mean this in the typical anime fashion either. Without giving away any plots elements, FLCL does some very bizzare things that will make many viewers simply go "Huh?"

Yet, to me, this is clearly what will no doubt appeal to people. It is not another space opera. It isn't reality based. And it isn't your typical love story. It's a unique sci fi story. It stars a young boy named Naota and upon meeting a very energetic and strange girl named Haurko, who is an extremely cool and funny character and rides a vespa, Naota's life begins to become complicated and things begin to make less sense as his reality starts to become all mixed up. I'm really trying not to spoil this series for any potential watchers, and it's making this review inredibly hard to write. All that's left to say is that this is a series you have to sort of jump in head first and simply watch it. The good part is that it's short. I certainly don't think I could have put up with 26 episodes of this at it would have probably worn out it's welcome. And I guess that's it's appeal. It's short, gets to the point of the story, hits you with some strange plot, makes you laugh, and has a cool ending.

Also worth noting is the music. Sure it's mostly Japanese rock, but what's cool is that it's actually GOOD Japanese rock. From all the anime series I've seen, any Japanese rock has been pretty bad. But for a change, the rock music in FLCL is really great. Very memorable and always very fitting with what's happening on screen. Now if I can only get my hands on the sound track...

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this series and give it a whirl. If you don't enjoy it, at least you didn't waste that much time watching it and heard some cool tunes.


 Art/Video Quality/Presentation
- Cool art and a fairly unique style.
- Really good music. Very appropriate to what's on screen and a fun listen.
- Hits you hard and fast, makes you go "Huh?" but for the most part in a good way. Keeps you wanting to know more.
- Quite unique and memorable. Haruko and Mamimi are two cool characters and the rest of the cast are quite memorable as well.
 Total 86.3 %
 Boost Factor
- If you love strange and bizarre, you can't get much weirder than this. Also if you're craving something completely different.
- n/a

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