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Action Figure Name:  Megatron

As this being the first action figure review, I'm not sure how I should approach it, so don't mind me if this doesn't seem to make much sense. First off, for those of you wondering, how this figure is Megatron, and from what series he was in, I guess I should tell let you know that he's going to be in a new and upcoming Transformer's series. From what I understand, the series will be called Car Robots or Robots in Disguise. I'm not sure which one is the more accurate one. Either way, what they're doing with this series is creating new personas and characters based on the old Transformers. What do I mean by this? For example, Optmius Prime is of course back, but he's a fire truck this time around. Ultra Magnus is back too, and he's a compeltely redesigned car carrier. There will of course be new characters as well.

Now, on to the review of the new Megatron. When I fist saw the box for this guy, I was taken back at how many forms he has. He has 6 forms in total, one of them being his robot form. Most of the forms are pretty cool, some of them I could live with out. For this review, I'll first break down each form before summing everything up in the end:

1) Robot Form - Megatron's robot form is really cool. As you can see in the pics below, he's got these awesome wings and two lighsaber-esque swords, which can shoot out when you push a button. It really looks 'grand' next to my other figures. My only beef with this form is that he seems to be top heavy, and his legs are rather light. Though he can stand without any problems, I didn't take my chance, and have him in a odd, but cool kneeling position. The top heaviness is mostly due to his wings, which are large and extend rather far out.

2) Plane Form - This was the first transformation I attempted. I'd have to say that this is one of the cooler forms Megatron can turn into. The plane looks really cool, with the robot's wings being the plane's wings. I also this is the second easiet form to change into from the robot position.

3) Car Form - Car form? Yup, Megatron has a car form, though it certainly doesn't look it. The car form is sorta cool. I say 'sorta' because half of it looks great (the front half) and the other half is horrible (the back) You see, for some reason i can't get the legs to lock together, so it looks like the front half is dragin the legs of the robot form along. I played around with this form for quite a while, and I couldn't get it looking right.

4) Dragon Form - The two headed dragon form was the second transformation I attempted, and proved to be the easiest to transform into. His legs basically are the heads, and his arms become the legs. The only things that looks odd for this form are the two stubby arms that are folded up on his belt when he's in robot form. In robot form they look cool, but in dragon form they're much too short. Still, it looks ok overall.

5) Bat Form - This one seems a little odd too. While it looks great, one has to wonder if he has wings in robot form, wings in dragon form, wings in plane form, does he need this bat form? Anywho, I personally didn't transform him into this position first, as Gadget did. It didn't seem to be that difficult, and in the end it looked pretty good.

6) Hand Form - I bet you're thinking, 'Huh?' Yup, the new Megatron can transform into a giant hand. Why you're asking? Well, in this form he can punch others and buildings, and if you have the original Megatron toy (the gun) the new Megatron can hold the original. This is by far the most odd and out of place transformations. No one has attempted to try this form simply based on the fact that it's a giant hand : )

So, those are the 6 forms. What do I think of it overall? I'm pleased. I would have rather had him have less forms, as it looks like some compromised were made (the car's back end for example). But I'm amazed at them just being able to get all those forms in it. Also, the toy being one of the largest in the new series certainly had a large price tag. It came in at about $45 Canadian dollars. Was it worth it? You bet. This toy is really cool, and it really dominates my action figure shelf now : ) I can't wait for the newer ones to come out, specifically Optimus and Magnus, as apparently they can FORM TOGETHER! Yup, but I'll save that for when actually get the toys, which should hopefully be next week.


- Weak ball joins, a few stiff joins, very durable
- Lots of movable parts and options for poses
 Looks/Awe Factor
- a perfect 10 in robot form, but other no so great forms bring this score down a little.
 Play Value
- Good play value, as there are many forms to play with.  Score brought down by the few lackluster forms (ie Hand)
 Total 81.75 %
 Boost Factor
- If you have the original Megatron, or get the new Optimus, you can replay some fond Childhood memories.

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