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Series Name:  Undergrads

One night, I was rather bored and decided to go watch some TV, which is something I normally don't do much of anymore. Anyways, I plopped down in front of the TV and channel surfed and when I look back on it now, I'm glad that whoever was watching TV before me had it on a channel above 21. Why was it a good thing? Well, where I live, the Simpsons play at 11:00pm and I would have probably settled to watch that and not have reached channel 47, which is Teletoon. Since Teletoon started to air here in Canada, there have been very few cartoons that have actually been worth watching. Most of the cartoons on Teletoon simply suck or are completely un-entertaining. Yet, for some reason the night that I found Undergrads, something made me not flip past it. I started to watch it and since then I've been hooked. It's been the first cartoon since the Simpsons or the Family Guy that has captivated me enough to want to actively watch it as much as possible.

As I watched it for the first time, I couldn't help but think "Hmm, just another life at university show." Yet as I continued watching this show it grew to something much more than that. The four main characters in Undergrads are four long time friends Nitz, Rocko, Cal and Gimpy and despite the fact they all go to different schools now, they still actively hang out with each other. Nitz is your typical geek who's also a hopeless romantic. Cal is your air head pretty boy who gets all the girls. Rocko is the jock who all the women won't go near. Gimpy is your freaky geek who's obsessed with anything Star Wars. Though they don't seem all that interesting, you wouldn't believe how awesome these characters become directly due to the incredibly well writen dialogue. Since it's a TV show, it obviously has a limited in budget for animation and the overal idea of the show isn't exactly the most unique. Despite this, it's dialogue brings this somewhat overdone idea to a new level, as well as the other characters in the show.

Characters like Jessie, the dude that talks in explicits (can't remember his name), The Duggler, and Gimpy's loyal geek servants are some of the best extras in ANY show since the Simpsons. The Simpsons early on made sure it create a whole city by reusing extras (which is where I go my idea to reuse extras in Heroes) and so does Undergrads. It's these extras that enhance the four main characters making for some great situations such as the "Risk" and "Virgin" episodes.

Couple things you should know too before watching Undergrads. It's a little more adult than most cartoons that are on TV. Certain words get through like 'ass' and even somtimes 'bitch' but nothing that hasn't already been said in prime time sitcoms. Also they deal with a little more mature topics (in comical fashion mind you). Overall I can't recommend Undergrads enough. It airs on MTV (American viewers) and on Teletoon (Canadian viewers). Also, show your support for Undergrads. There may or may not be a second season of it and this show deserves it for providing viewers with something GOOD to watch on TV again.


 Art/Video Quality/Presentation
- Sometimes good art, sometimes average. Ok quality yet very colourful.
- Cool music as it's from real groups like Good Charlotte
- Cool story, at times it has a "been there done that" feel but that's when it's cool characters and great dialogue take over.
- A couple of the characters, especially the main four seem a little formulaic but the excellent dialogue more than makes up for it. All characters are very memorable.
 Total 80.0 %

 Boost Factor
- If you're looking for an awesome cartoon that's FREE as it's on TV, or just looking for a cartoon that has awesome dialogue and memorable characters.

- None in the actual show but their website has TONS of cool stuff to do.

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