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Series Name:  Comic Party

Now here's something completely different. Without a doubt, I have never, EVER seen anything like Comic Party. Whether it be an animated or live action, Comic Party is a breath of fresh air in a form of entertainment where it seems everything is starting to look, sound, and feel the same.

The premise behind Comic Party is our main hero, Kazuki, getting somewhat forced into drawing comics. Not that he doesn't have the talent, but to him and many other people in this anime, drawing comics and the whole ‘society' of comics is rather looked down upon. One of the culprits in the series is Kazuki's long time friend Mizuki. She constantly gets spooked by Kazuki's new found hobby, especially the conventions. The way she sees it, these conventions and drawings are taking up too much of his time.

One of the stranger reasons that I ended up liking this series is that while almost every character (and by almost I really do mean almost) is quite annoying, once you get used to them and learn about their character you can't help but enjoy their presence. That's what makes this anime rather hard to watch at first. All the characters are unique in this series, from each other and from other series as well, but at the same time they all have character flaws which make them incredibly annoying until you get a better understanding of them. The worst offender is a rival comic creator Emi. She is by far, one of the most aggravating anime characters I've ever witnessed. It's not until near the end of the series that I ended up liking her character simply because you got to understand her a little more. Plus, having the main group harass her limited vocabulary added some enjoyment to seeing her on the screen.

Overall, I was completely happy in watching Comic Party. However, I do also believe it's a niche anime. I can see a TON of people not liking this anime simply because of the effort it takes to watch at first as well as its subject matter. I was enjoying the series by the second episode, however Dan (Gadget) realised right off the bat that it wasn't for him. But that's the difference between an art student and a computer science student I guess. Try it out if you think the subject matter may apply to you.


 Art/Video Quality/Presentation
- Alright art and animation. Not bad, not great.
- Very minimal, but there's a couple songs which add a lot to the atmosphere.
- Very unqiue. A little prone to predictability, but since it's something different you probably won't mind.
- Annoying characters that you'll probably end up liking. All unqiue and have flaws, and those flaws are a good thing.
 Total 76.3 %
 Boost Factor
- If you think you'll like the subject matter it gets a HUGE boost. This applies to con goers, cos players, artists, and comic book junkies.
- n/a

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