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Series Name:  Love Hina

"Itís like a love simulator game" is the way a friend first described this series to me. Other then that I had no idea what to expect of this series. I mean, most anime that Iíve watched has been either classics like Record of Lodoss War, or something cerebral like Evangelion or Serial Experiment Lain. A love story? Could I handle watching something like that?

The great thing about not knowing what to expect from an anime is that sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised. This is one of those anime. From the beginning of the story you never get the idea that this is some epic love story along the lines of Romeo and Juliet, but itís actually pretty good. The whole series is pretty much about a teenager named Keitaro who made a promise to a girl when he was about 5 years old. The two promised that theyíd meet at Tokyo University together someday, and theyíd both attend that school together and live happily ever after. Keitaro, grew up, always thinking of that promise, but somehow forgot the girlís name. All he had left was the memory of the kiss she gave him, and the image of her leaving.

Thatís where the story pretty much starts, and soon youíre introduced to many of the casts unique characters. First you have other students Narusegawa (Naru for short) and Mutsumi, who are also trying to get into Tokyo U. These two end up being Keitaroís main love interests as he believeís one of them to be the one he made the promise to. You also have the scheming Kitsune, the sword wielding Motoko, the very wild Su, and the shy and quiet Shinobu. The great thing is that even though many of the characters of quite standard, with the exception of Mutsumi, theyíre just so well done you donít mind. Each character is not a flat character persona, and all of them lend themselves to the story in some regard. Not one character is left out of the story which is great.

One part of the story which seems sort of odd, is the old men. Often enigmatic, their presence, to me is needed. They often speak words of truth, and lend a bit or Ďcerebralnessí to the story. Nothing close to Evangelion or Lain, but just enough to make you have to think.

Lastly, just a quick mentioning of the music in this series. Iíd have to say that itís not bad, and for the love of GOD! donít let that theme song get stuck in your head. Not that its bad, itís just waaaay too catchy, and is actually well composed, except for some weird noise they have in the background which sort of makes it seem that it was encoded at poor quality. Everything else is often intrumental and lends itself to the mood. The music for the whole Naru the pop star, though not in my musical interest, is not bad either.

Overall, Iíd have to say that this is probably one of my favourite series that Iíve watched. Though not the best, it was a pleasant surprised and a lot of fun it to watch. And yes, this was my first anime of this sort (excluding Ranma Ĺ, but thatís not really in the same vain as this in terms of being a love story.) Though I canít say this is for everybody, most people should give this a try.


 Art/Video Quality/Presentation
- Great art, very well animated
- Good music, way too catchy theme song
- Good story, enough interest and twists to  remain interesting and fun to watch
- Has some of my most favourite character in any anime I have watched.  All memorable and play a part in the story
 Total 81.3 %
 Boost Factor
- if you're don't mind love stories, and if you want to give your brain a little rest.
- n/a

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