Monday , September 16 , 2002


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--- September 16, 2002 ---

As I knew would happen, I've had to drop updates to two times a week. I've been super busy with tons of stuff and I don't think it'll let up any time soon. So, until further notice, I'll be updating on Monday and Friday, as those are my two days off school (yes, I know, I have a 4 day weekend). If I notice I've had a little extra time during a week, I'll put up the third update on Wednesday. I also hope that it lets me get some scripting done for some of my other projects. My friend Lee is polishing up a style for an idea we invented a sometime last year in class when we were bored waiting for our turn to conference with our Proff on our homework designs. The good part is that I just have to worry about web and story design. However, the story is something I've never tried before so hopefully it'll turn out the way we want. Stay tuned for more about that.

--- September 11, 2002 ---

Well, today's strip was actually suppose to be before the last strip. I had it all done before my computer flaked out on me. I must confess though, the idea was actually one my cousin thought up. So I give him a little credit for it. School is already started to get hectic and I still haven't been to all my classes yet.. I can see it getting busy very very soon. So I may drop the updates to two times a week shortly. I gotta keep this going as long as possible.

--- September 9, 2002 ---

Today's comic only breifly explains why I sometimes hate computers. Just as I was working on the update for LAST Monday, I noticed my computer wasn't behaving right. Next thing I know I'm getting general protection faults left and right. I open up my computer and find out the fan on my video card is shot. So I go and buy that yummy Geforce 4 TI card I've been looking at, pop it into my computer, and figured I'd reinstall Windows again. Everything is going fine. Until my older 10 gig hard drive fails on me. Off to the store again and I buy a new 80 gig hard drive to join my 30 gig hard drive. I'm about to install Windows AGAIN but guess what? My install files were on that 10 gig hard drive. And guess what? Dan (Gadget) already moved to Guelph for school. So I had to wait until Friday to drive on up there with my computer to get it all working again. Yeesh. Hopefully I'll be able to maintain the comic updates as long as possible since I start school this week as well.

--- August 30, 2002 ---

Sorry for the last two updates but I've been busy lately with work. Also, there won't be any updates until Monday since I'm about to reinstall Windows on my computer. So that means I have to be careful and back-up all important files (mostly all my art stuff and zips). Sorry for the delays but I'll have all the missing comics up on Monday.

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